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WHO are YOU, or Who are YOU Becoming?

by Elder Enid Stewart

by Elder Enid Stewart

In the role as a Guidance Counsellor I was tasked with meeting with young people from the age 14 and upwards, to start the discussion of what they wanted to do when they finish the level of education they were at, for them to start to consider and begin to plan the route of their chosen path, to enable them to activate the process of moving forward……

The options to discuss were varied, and depended very much on how that individual had developed so far, how aware they were of Who they were becoming, and how what they were doing, would assist them, in the vocation they wanted to pursue.

So in effect the Guidance Counselling experience was a time of engaging with the individual, using Questions as part of the tool that would help to establish the following:

  • Who they were, or were becoming?
  • What they would need to do to become what they had chosen to do?
  • How e.g. what route they were going to take to get there?

With the aim to help answer these questions, there were a number of other questions that would be asked, that when answered, would enable the individual to appreciate and understand the steps they would HAVE TO TAKE in order to reach the goal they had chosen.

Part of the role of the Guidance Counsellor in the process of the discussion, is to ensure that by the end of the appointment, the individual had “MOVED ON” in their THINKING process, and from a place of CLARITY of the Options available to them, they are then able to make a plan of ACTION to move forward.

This devotional is designed with this goal in mind……

It is hoped that through the Guidance Counselling of the Holy Spirit, the Questions that this devotional will raise for you, will provide for you the time to access the Answers you need that will enable you to “Move on in your Thinking from a place of Clarity” so that your plan of Action will empower you to move forward…

Crossroad signpost saying this way, that way, the other way concept for lost, confusion or decisions

The Power of Questions

Questions and Questioning are powerful tools that helps with direction when needing to make important decisions.

It is critical that You do not make a decision based on the Questions that you are posed with, but are based on TRUTH……..

You may have various questions in your mind, but that is not the basis upon which you should springboard to make major decision about your life.

The Bible clearly states that “We know in part”………… and “We see through a glass darkly” 1 Corinthians 13:9; the sad thing is that we often live our lives in a way that implies that we know the whole.

I like to use the analogy of taking medication to illustrate the point I am trying to make………

For most of our medications, we are provided with information that clearly informs us that by taking the medication we are likely to experience a variety of side effects….

This means that even in administering the medication that we need as a solution to one situation we are facing, we are also informed that in many cases the same medication is likely to cause in some cases damage somewhere else in our bodies.

I use that to illustrate that our own Decision Making, is incapable of doing all that we desire to be done, because it is impossible to know all the side effects to the decisions we make…..

One of the ways as a Guidance Counsellor to compensate for this was to always ensure that the individual was aware of the fact that they may very likely change their minds, and they were encouraged to be Open enough, so they don’t get stuck, but to be ready to Change, to be ready to be flexible, to be ready for the Growth and Exposure of a variety of Experiences that would impact their decisions as they grow and move forward.

I want to encourage you in this season and let you know that as Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we have an advantage, because we have the means by which we can make decisions that will grow with us, and move with us on our way to Who we are Becoming. This is as a result of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth who will lead us into ALL Truth, even in our decision making. He is the only

guarantee we have when faced with questions……… He is the only person we can trust His answers to our Questions because He is the only person who already knows Who You are Becoming!


It is important that you take the Time to explore with the Holy Spirit the intention to gain Clarity regarding Who You Are or Who You Are Becoming…….


It has never been so critical for every Believer in Jesus Christ to know with complete assurance Who they Are and Who they Are Becoming; to hold this truth dear in your hearts, with the absolute resolve, that nothing can or will reduce or take this away from you.


Because in Genesis 3 we see that this was both the first attempt and the first question that was used against Eve the mother of mankind……..

There is nothing new under the Son, the enemy still uses Questions to rob God’s people of the Truth of Who they are because it works. He continues to seek to question you on Who You Are, as old as this temptation is, the enemy knows it still works, and so he has continued to use it to trigger chaos and fear in the lives of God’s people.

If you don’t know Who you are, the enemy will suggest that your identity is based on a variety of situations or circumstances taking place in your life e.g. your financial status, your educational achievement, where you feel you are placed in your family, who you rub shoulders with, who likes or dislikes you, your material possessions, your health or lack of it, your social media status, or even by where you are positioned in the hierarchy of your Church/Ministry.

This is the first fundamental Question to settle in your heart and mind in this season, because everything else you do will be based on Who you believe You are, or Are Becoming……..

Your everyday responses to everything that you Say and Do, is determined by Who You Think You Are or Who You Are Becoming……

Based on the Word of God You are Either a SOLUTION to a Problem or You are the ANSWER to someone’s question……




When Jesus decided to prepare His Disciples for what He knew was ahead, He started the process with a Question that opened up their hearts for a Revelation………….

Jesus asked – Who do Men say that I am? Matthew 16:13

When their reflective thinking was ignited in response to this question, Jesus countered with the real question that He wanted to draw their attention to, so He asked……

V15 Who do you say that I am?

If you follow the sequence of the Revelation that unfolded, you will see that directly after Peter identifies Who Jesus is, Peter’s own identity was declared……

Matthew 16: 18 – 19

………… thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven

I believe one of the reasons this happened at that time, was so that with all that Peter was going to go through, the power of the Truth of Who He Was would provide the strength and foundation he needed to recover and continue on his journey to become the one who would “Strengthen his Brethren”………

Jesus knew that for what was about to happen, His Disciples needed to be clear in their hearts and minds about His identity and in turn Who they were or were becoming…

Jesus knew that a traumatic experience can impact your identity!

Jesus knew that you can go through experiences where the situation can try to rob you or mock the Truth of Who you are, or Who You are Becoming…..

He knew that there was going to be a shaking, so He provided His Disciples with Truth that would undergird them through the process.

Jesus knew that even though there were much that His disciples would go through, He knew that knowing His identity would keep them through the crisis that they would go through, and that the Truth of Who He was and Who they were, e.g. Peter – that it would contribute to them “Turning their World Upside Down”…………in other words they became the Solution and the Answer of their day.

Take the Time to answer the Question Truthfully…….





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WHO are YOU, or Who are YOU Becoming?

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