Social Care Ministry

Ministry Teams

Hospital/Home Visit

This team consists of volunteers who take time to make visits to those at home or in hospital. The Hospital and Home Visit team provide a very valuable service to Partners of Ruach City Church who are ill, disabled, hospitalised, etc.


Koinonia / Foodbank Programme

Ruach City Church Koinonia / Foodbank programme provides support to those who attend Ruach City Church as well as the local community, who are experiencing financial difficulty by providing food items, toiletries and non-perishable items to the Ruach congregation and local community. We are here to help!

How to make a Request for Food/Items

If you would like to make a request please complete a request form or or call the Ruach office 020 8678 6888. Where possible, all requests will be dropped off at the person’s home (doorstep).

I would like to Donate Food/Items

If you would like to make a donation of items to the Koinonia / Foodbank programme to help a family/someone, please email: providing your name and contact number, and someone will contact you to make the necessary arrangements in line with the current coronavirus (Covid-19) government guidelines.

I would like to Volunteer to Drive

If you are a Ruach City Church Partner (member) and would like to volunteer to assist in providing our Koinonia service, e.g. drivers dropping off food/items, please email: All volunteers will need to meet the criteria set out in the current government guidelines which include the following.

Volunteers MUST:

  1. be well and not have any symptoms,
  2. be under 70 years of age;
  3. not be pregnant;
  4. not have any underlying conditions;
  5. not be living with anyone that does not fit into any of the above; and
  6. remain 2 metres apart from anyone whilst volunteering – keeping social distancing.


Phone: 020 8678 6888