Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry Section is an integral part of the vision of Ruach City Church. Our aim is to equip team members fully and ensure that our activities fit into the vision of Ruach City Church in line with God’s agenda for the world. Currently, the Outreach Ministry Section is made up of the following ministry sections: Prison, Homeless, Evangelism and the JAF Project.


Ministry Teams


Evangelism Team

The Evangelism team is set up to bring the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the wider community in keeping with Luke 14 v 23. Its members take God’s message of salvation outside the four walls of the church to those who may never have considered walking through its doors.

Evangelism is simply presenting God’s love to people and telling them about the sacrifice that Jesus Christ has made for the salvation of humanity. Street evangelism is a powerful tool which can be used to reach people who would not ordinarily come within the four walls of a church building. In Matthew 10:1-32 Jesus sent out His disciples to minister the Good News giving us an example that we can follow. Everyone needs to be saved and only Jesus Christ can provide this salvation to the human race. The Evangelism ream operates weekly in our London locations, and quarterly the teams from the locations go out on the streets from 10pm to 3am to evangelise, share love, encourage and provide food and hope to those homeless and living on the streets.

Homeless Ministry Team

The Homeless Ministry is set up to provide regular support to the homeless living in the local community. This support takes the form of cooked meals, clothing and aiding them with other household items they may be in need of. In addition to this, the Homeless Ministry uses the opportunities opened to them to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Homeless Ministry operates every Tuesday, however, the cooks sometimes are required to work on Mondays. During and after the serving of the food, the Homeless Ministry engages in friendly social conversations with the clients. This allows the team to become better acquainted with the issues that the clients face from day to day. Clients are welcome to share any areas they need prayer in. The prayer usually takes the form of either a collective open prayer or a 1-2-1 prayer.

Prison Ministry Team

The Prison Ministry is set up to establish a relationship with prison inmates through the Prison Chaplaincy. The team regularly visits the inmates in Brixton Prison, as well as, other prisons in the South East of England. The Prison Ministry team offers support and encouragement to those who are incarcerated by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them, as well as, continuing contact by writing letters etc. The team operates only on Sundays and works within the rules and guidelines of the prison services when carrying out its activities.

JAF Project Team

In the early stages of the Ministry, Bishop Francis remembers being devastated when it became apparent that there were chronic social issues that people, particularly young people were facing in Brixton. It was this experience that led Bishop Francis to establish a drop-in drug and alcohol rehabilitation program (the JAF Project). The drop-in project, provides access to teaching, advice and spiritual support to those who are suffering from substance and alcohol abuse, by supporting those who are ready to go through the process of rehabilitation as well as those in recovery. Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals to achieve lasting abstinence from drug and alcohol. Thus improving their ability to live full lives, free from drug and alcohol addiction.

Email: outreach@ruachcitychurch.org