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Ruach Sound, Vision and Production (RSVP)

Vision Team

  • Vision Mixer – mixes the cameras from one to another creating a live experience for the viewer
  • Camera Operator – maneuvers the cameras to ensure the cameras capture the services and events
  • Stage Manager/ Facilitator – helps in organising and coordinating the production elements on stage and that service runs on time and on schedule. They organise the production and coordinating communications across several personnel and departments at events.
  • Duplication Engineer – duplicates all media. This includes CD, DVD, USB, SD cards and may on occasions involve some editing and transcoding or encoding to other formats for digital or analog use

Sound Team

  • Broadcast Sound Engineer – manipulates the sound in order to get a good balance across the mix of any audio project
  • Live Sound Engineer  – works with an audio mixing console (mixing desk) to manipulate the sound using equalisation and electronic effects to create an acoustical balanced sound for TV production, film, radio, music and live events

Media Team

  • Audio Video Operator – is responsible for all graphics, PowerPoint and video playback for the image magnification in the building and broadcast and other recorded sound

Contact RSVP: rsvp@ruachcitychuuch.org

Ruach Store

Sales Team

The Sales team sell and promote Ruach merchandise, gifts and confectionery in the stores/bookshops and sales areas at all locations after services and at events.

Production Team

The Production team produce/duplicate the CD & DVDs for sales at each service.

Contact Ruach Store: store@ruachcitychurch.org

Ruach Radio

Ruach Radio provides Christian centered conversation and music 24-7

Admin Team

The admin team welcomes guest, produces literature, answers live telephone calls and provides administrative assistance to the producer and radio presenters.

Sales Team

The sales team processes all adverts and studio hire sales enquires.

Technical Support Team

Technical support assist the producer with shows, producing adverts and any other production duties.

Contact Ruach Radio: ruachradio@ruachcitychurch.org

Ruach Radio Website: www.ruachradio.com