Hospitality Ministry

Ministry Teams

Catering Team

The Catering team (Ruach Takeaway) provide hot and cold refreshments after our services and at events.

First Aid Team

The First Aid team provides prompt and immediate attention in the event of emergencies, minor incidents and accidents that may occur on the premises at Ruach City Church.

Greeters Team

Our Greeters provide a warm welcome to everyone attending our services, making them feel important by exhibiting the love of God through their verbal and non-verbal communication.  In addition to the warm welcome, the Greeters Team distribute the weekly “Order of Service” programme, assist with directing people to the right place or the right person, and answer any questions or enquiries visitors may have on their arrival.

Hygiene Team

Members of the Hygiene Team are committed to making the physical environment for worship clean and pleasant for our visitors.

Operations Help Team

The Operations Help team serves alongside the Greeters, Peace Keepers and Ushers teams to lend an extra helping hand of assistance to the congregation.  The team provides assistance to mothers and babies, disabled visitors, visitors with mobility issues and mature/senior guests.

Peacekeepers Team

Peace Keepers help to maintain order in the House as directed by Ruach City Church policies and procedures and, most importantly, the Holy Spirit.  They provide a safe and secure experience to all who visit and minister at Ruach City Church.


Ushers welcome all attendees to Ruach City Church directing them to appropriate seating and ensuring an efficient and pleasant experience during the service.


Phone: 020 8678 6888