Academy Of Learning

“The Lord GOD has given me, the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. He awakens me morning by morning; He awakens my ear, to hear as the learned” (NKJV) – Isaiah 50 v 4.

We are all on a journey to become more like Jesus. By pursuing the tongue of the learned, the aim of the Academy of Learning is to transform people, families and communities through the teachings of the written Word, the Bible.

The bible commands us to study to shew thyself approved unto God – 2nd Timothy 2:15 and our mission is to equip and educate individuals and teams to not only serve effectively within the body of Christ but to also invest in their spiritual growth.

There is a course available for everyone; from the new believer to those who want to go deeper in God. Our aim is to enable a desire to build a closer relationship with the Word (Jesus), through His Word, with courses that are available for all to enrol on and grow into that man/woman of God that was purposed in them from birth – equipping them to serve.

The Academy of Learning is more than classes and lectures, it is about spending the time to grow your relationship with Jesus, and develop yourself to complete your assignment.

Ministry Teams

Discipleship Care Team

The Discipleship Care team disciples the New Believers in Christ to learn and understand the foundations of the Christian faith and their relationship with God.

To contact the Discipleship Care Team, email: 

Discipleship Care Programme (DC)- Building Christian Foundations

This weekly course is for you if you are looking for a solid foundation to the principles of the Christian faith.

Wednesdays – Birmingham location at 6.30pm – 9.00pm

Thursdays – All London locations at 6.30pm – 9.00pm

This programme caters to those who are new to the Christian faith or for those who want to get a foundational teaching, and be taught more about the different aspects of being a disciple of Christ.

Spanning across 24 weeks, the Discipleship Care programme is split into 2 sets of 12 week courses, encompassing Discipleship Care 1&2 (foundational) and Discipleship Care 3 (building on Discipleship Care 1 &2). The overall programme will enable you to understand your Christian walk based on the Word of God.

From understanding the role of the Holy Spirit in your Christian walk, to understanding the significance of Holy Communion, Baptism and the importance of Giving, the Discipleship Care 1 & 2 programme will enable and equip students to live their lives in Godly knowledge and practically apply the learning to their daily lives.

The Discipleship Care 3 programme builds on previous teaching and explains the characteristics and practises of a Christian, teaching on subjects such as Love, Holiness, and Personal Evangelism and culminates to the final topic on Preparation for Ministry, which will help launch our students into serving within the body of Christ.

The Discipleship Care programme is renowned for its community atmosphere, creating opportunities to discuss the Word, with no question being too small to ask. Most can testify to the fact that they were able to build friendships within church whilst attending the programme.

Restoration Team

The Restoration team serves God’s people who God is restoring back internally and spiritually to who they were ordained to be in Christ Jesus.

To contact the Restoration Team, email:

Training and Development

Our Academy of Learning admin/teacher teams serves on our training/development courses to enhance God’s people to advance in the Kingdom.

Internal Courses (Available to Ruach Partners/Congregation):

  • Discipleship Care Programme – weekly
  • The Potters Restoration Programme (for Women only) – 10 weeks course
  • Men of Standard Empowerment Programme (for Men only) – 10 weeks course
  • Joshua Leadership Training (for Ruach Ministers) – quarterly
  • Timothy Leadership Training (for Ruach Timothy Leaders) – quarterly
  • Church Volunteers Training – quarterly
  • Managing Yourself in times of Conflict – 7 weeks course, as advertised
  • Teacher Training course – 7 weeks course, as advertised
  • The “Christ in Me” Mentoring Programme – 7 weeks course as advertised

For more information regarding Training and Development, email:

Ruach City Bible Institute (RCBI)

Ruach City Bible Institute (RCBI) is the Education, Training & Development arm of Institute at Ruach City Church that provides a range of paid courses to anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Word and of God. The courses are open to anyone to apply within Ruach or attending another fellowship.

We at RCBI are committed to serving the Body of Christ by developing  Kingdom Disciples of Jesus Christ who:

  • Are filled with the Word of God;
  • Can earnestly contend for the Faith (Jude 1:3);
  • Can rightly divide the Word of Truth (2 Timothy 2:15);
  • Are equipped with the Sword of the Spirit to defend against the enemy’s attacks (Ephesians 6:10-18);
  • Willing take up their positions as Labourers in the Lord’s Harvest (Matthew 9:37-38).

We desire to educate, equip, develop and nurture the growth of Disciples in their Knowledge and Understanding of God’s Word, as well as encourage the practical application of what is learnt to their daily lives. The outworking of which will in turn help to ‘Advance the Kingdom’.

Ruach City Bible Institute Courses (Available to all):

  • Certificate in Practical Theology (CPT) – weekly one year course
  • Fast Track Leadership Training (FT) – monthly one year course
  • Introduction to 5-Fold Ministry Gifts (FFMG) – modular course
  • Homiletics and Hermeneutics: Basic Preaching Skills – 7 week course

To contact RCBI, email: 

For more course information click here 

You can also call: 020 8678 6888