Men’s Virtual Conference

For this year's Men's Conference, it is time for you to Crossover into what God has in store for you.

When the men arrive at a place of awareness and spiritual maturity, then and only then, we can expect them to cross over into the promises of God in their lives, and also help other brothers to cross over the challenges of life on every level.

Thursday 17th June

7pm - What is Stopping You From Crossing Over?

(YouTube & Facebook)

Are you ready to pick up your mantle? When a great leader moves on - are you ready to take up the challenge of leadership? God has a great purpose to fulfil in your life – so join us as we learn how to pick up the mantle of leadership given to us as men.

Friday 18th June

7pm - What is Stopping You From Crossing Over?

(YouTube & Facebook)

What is stopping you crossing over? Mental health, addiction, unemployment or even unhealthy relationships. Whatever life challenges you have been going through or are currently dealing with, know that God has good plans for your future. So now is the time to

Join us to understand and explore how to cross over obstacles past and present and enjoy all that God has prepared for you.

Saturday 19th June

6am - Prayer Takeover

Join Bishop John Francis and Ruach Elders as we pray to cross over into a new season. This will be a powerful session of intercession for your health, job, relationships and spiritual progress.

(On Zoom)

1pm - Men's Workshop

What does discipleship really mean? How do men develop a disciplined life, which is prosperous and fruitful? Join the Men's Conference workshop to discuss the answers to these questions. You will have the opportunity to speak to Ruach Elders and other men about these crucial topics.

(On Zoom)

7pm – A Call to Lead at Jordan

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Join us for the final session of the Men’s conference. You will be equipped and empowered to take hold of your destiny and God's promises for your life. It is time to rise to your full potential in God's Kingdom and finally cross over.

Join Elder Valentine as he delivers a powerful word to wrap up Men's Virtual Conference.