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Janice Minott


On Air Thurs 7pm-9pm
The Believers View 

Janice Minott host ‘The Believers View’ which is all about making salvation crystal clear in bite size chunks.  As nothing is more foundational to the Christian life than for the believer to understand their position in Christ.  

Janice lives in London and is born of Jamaican heritage who are the drivers behind her love for God. She has an extensive career in the City, is sociable, loves to cook and enjoys athletics and yoga/pilates workouts. Janice is also a keen knitter, is a theatre goer and loves comedy shows. She has started learning to play the piano and has a flair for interior design and stylizing individuals.

Since the early 90s she has been ministering the word of God, hosting bible study classes, leading prayer groups, giving Christian counselling and writing the Daily Bread – Born to Succeed.

God gave her a word to set up a writing ministry called Cedars which was to provide encouragement and to be thought provoking.

Janice’s aim is to see people resurrected from the sideline into the position God has planned for them, as He gets great pleasure in using ordinary people to accomplish exceptional things.

It is through seeing many great gifted people, struggling to see their potential of greatness in themselves, that led Janice to become a radio presenter of The Believers View and a teacher of Salvation Made Crystal Clear.

Both of these platforms have highlighted the many aspects where a believer can serve God in everyday life. The main focus is:

To nurture their God-given potential.

To help individuals use their talent and skills effectively.

To teach them how to positively manage their attitudes and emotions.

To learn how to cultivate good relationships.

To live a lifestyle that honours God in every way.

Janice believes there is a purpose and plan for every individual, but unless Jesus becomes the Master Builder, the foundations of our life could end up being unstable.

Janice wants the world to know that everyone is invited to embrace Jesus and He will embrace you and handle any problem that you’re struggling with, as He loves you. He will be your intimate friend and will radically change your life forever. Janice believes this change can start with you today.

Everyone is born to succeed – your GIFT to success is within you!

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