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On Air  Fri, 7pm-9pm 
Global Gospel Show

Ijante has been a presenter on Ruach Radio since the station was founded in 2013. She describes herself as “someone who loves Christ, and someone who appreciates good music”. As a member of Ruach Radio’s family of presenters, she recognises the ‘soul-reaching’ potential of the station’s output.

Born in the UK to Jamaican parents, Ijante’s love of ‘global’ music was cultivated from an early age when she grew up listening to classical gospel singers such as Mahalia Jackson and Jim Reeves, as well as to the ‘blue beat’, ‘ska’, ‘rock steady’, and reggae music of the 60s era.

Over the years, Ijante’s musical tastes have evolved to incorporate the range of musical genres that she has encountered as a ‘lifelong Londoner who has an African-Caribbean soul’. She is credited with introducing Gospel Afrobeats to Ruach Radio!

Her aptly named ‘Global Gospel Show’ (Fridays 7-9pm) offers a great range of music, news and views from across the Diaspora.


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