The following is an explanation of how to become a Partner (Member) at Ruach City Church. We use the term Partnership as we believe this aptly describes our view at Ruach City Church that we are partnering together as we serve in the Kingdom to fulfil God’s will and purpose in the Earth.

Any person wishing to become a Partner of Ruach City Church is expected to adhere to and confirm their previous profession of their Christian faith and Baptism by Immersion. It is also expected that he/she will be in unity with our Beliefs.

Ruach City Church accepts the partnership (membership) of repentant, converted believers. Partners (members) coming from other churches should obtain a letter of recommendation from their previous church. Alternatively, a letter of recommendation will be requested by our Administration during the Partnership process.

At Ruach City Church, we expect our partners (members) to maintain holiness of life both to the glory of God and the good name of the church, living a life in keeping with Titus 2 vs 1-10; 1 Timothy 2 vs 8-12 and 1 Thessalonians 5 vs 15-23.

If he or she can attend to the above mentioned, then in order to complete the Partnership process he/she should note the following:

  • In order to become a partner/member you will need to attend a Partnership Session
  • The Sessions are held at all our locations on the 3rd Sunday of each month as follows: Birmingham at 11am, Brixton at 9am, Kilburn at 10:15am, Walthamstow at 10:30am
  • At the Partnership Session you will be given further details on the Partnership process
  • On arrival, please ensure that your name is entered on the register by a member of the Admin Team
  • Partnership (Membership) at Ruach City Church is always confirmed in writing

Due to covid-19 coronavirus and the government guidelines, all church onsite activities have been cancelled. Therefore we currently conduct our Partnership Session online via zoom. Please complete the below form to register to attend.