supporting others

Community Links

Due to its long standing presence in the community, Ruach City Church has formed and maintained strategic relationships and partnerships with organisations within the community. This has resulted in Ruach City Church being highly respected by local Community Officials, Representatives from the local police, government and key community organisations. This is clearly demonstrated in their regular attendance at our annual ‘Prayer for the Nation’ event.

Since its inception Ruach City Church has set up various Support Teams within its Christian framework, working towards dealing with the social problems within the community.  One focus of the charity is to help the community in all areas of their need which it does its best to carry out with the voluntary contributions of its members on which it is largely dependent. It also, on occasion, receives donations or sponsorship from organisations which provide funding to charities.

For many years Brixton has had problems with drug abuse, homelessness, poverty, unemployment and crime. Where much has been done to improve the area, there are still many social problems to be addressed and the charity seeks target these problem areas, where possible.

Ruach City Church continues to work towards forming more cohesive relationships with community organisations.